Celebration of Mothers – Daycare

May 7th, 2011

-We read “Mom Knows Best’ by Stanley Richie and introduced our letter of the week, M
-We talked about some of our favorite activities to do with our mom’s and mad a graph of our findings
-We had markers and construction paper available to create art using self-expression
-We danced to ‘Our Favorite Things’ to help control vigorous body movements
-We traced the letter M to help master our fine motor skills
-We did the gravity experiment to see what toy will hit the ground first when two toys are dropped from different levels to explore air
-We read ‘My Day With Mom’ by Liam Walters and learned how to sign ‘mom’
-We had paint, construction paper, and marbles available to create art using our applying skills
-We sang ‘My Mom Rocks!’ while doing actions to help coordinate movements with words
-We traced ‘I love you, mom’ to help master our fine motor skills
-We did the ‘color fading’ experiment by taping a piece of black paper inside and outside to see which will fade faster to explore cause and effect
-We drew pictures of our mom’s by using black paint and paper to understand similarities and difference between people
-We played ‘Freddy Fish’ to identify our shapes and numbers
-We read ‘Happy Mommy Day’ by Carrie Quick and the children answered questions about the book to retell a simple story
-We used our calendar to see what time of the year Mother’s Day occurs to understand basic elements of time
-We had play-doh available to create art using our forming skills
-We did the ‘Color Changing’ experiment to see if we could make different colors when food coloring is added to water
-We learned fun facts about Mother’s Day and looked at different Mother’s Day cards to identify ourselves as good learners
-We used our paint program to help identify our shapes and colors
-We read ‘My Family’ by Steven Shultz and found the action words in our story
-We had construction paper, scissors, glue, and magazines available to create art using our applying skills
-We did penguins walks, fish jumps, and snake crawls to help master our gross motor skills
-We planted a seed in soil and will keep record of the growth until the seed becomes a flower
-We used our kitchen center to create a Mother’s Day feast just like the family in our story
-We used our computer paint program to create Mother’s Day cards for our mom’s by using different shapes and colors

*Gavin told us he would want to be a bright orange dinosaur
*Gavin told us his favorite thing to do with Mommy is to visit the train station
*Gavin did a great job tracing his letters today! He was SO proud of himself!
*Gavin really enjoyed painting our special project today!
*I absolutely love hearing Gavin sing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song… It cracks me up! =)
*Gavin knew that ‘swim’ and ‘talk’ are action words! Way to go!
*Gavin said, “I love my mommy and mommy loves me!”

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