Today was a busy day…

May 21st, 2011

We started off the morning with Scott planning on working on the bathroom and I was taking Gavin to pick out some vegetables for mom’s garden and flowers for our house. And, no bathroom was worked on and no flowers were purchased for our house. But, we had a very productive day!!

**First Order of Business…
Gavin loves to ride the 4-wheeler and 2-seater go-cart at my mom’s house… with an adult, of course. However, the helmet that he has is a bike helmet. So, we are going to get him a ‘real’ helmet.

My new helmet!

One day, he will be big enough to ride this… Sniff, sniff

Just trying it on for size

**Second Order of Business…
Finding out what does fit him…

Look, It fits! But, it's pink! Eeeeewwwwww!

Men on a Mission

Look! This fits, too!

**Third Order of Business…
Hanging out in Grandma’s yard, Farmer Gavin, and a Surprise

Climbing the apple tree

Tapping in the row ends

My little farmer planting corn

First row done... Second row started

My baby's first ATV

The boys checking out the new toy

I am going to keep my ATV in the garage.


On the way home

From truck to bed

Little guy had a pretty full day. He crashed out on the way home from Grandma’s house and I put him straight into bed. We will see how late he sleeps. Hopefully, he will be able to ride his new ATV tomorrow. He is super excited!!

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