The Hepburn Family Update

April 27th, 2013

It seems like it might be time for one of these…

If, you are standing… sit!

Our house is for sale! We have loved this house, the neighbors, and neighborhood for 9 years. But, it is now time to move. We have been putting it off for the last couple of years. It can not wait any longer.

We bought a house! We are closing on Monday and moving in over the week/weekend. It will be so different from where we are now… Much larger house, different area, farther away from family, and not even close to my Costco or SuperTarget. But, it will only take me about 20 minutes to drop off Gavin and get to work. Currently, it is about a 50 minute process to get to work and about an hour to get back home… Oh! The time savings! The school system is great and we will be getting use out of it in the fall.

Gavin starts FIRST GRADE! Gavin is enrolled for school. That was a weird day. My baby is all grown up and ready to go to big boy school. I will cry when he gets on the bus. No doubt… It will happen (both the bus and the crying!).

Our family is expanding! Gavin will be a big brother in the fall. Gavin was not so sure about a baby joining our family. But, since his mommy is pregnant… He will have to deal with it. However, we took him to the ultrasound appointment and he was thrilled when they said it was a BOY. In true Hepburn fashion, the baby was flashing us! He was leaned back, legs spread wide apart, and making sure we did not miss the fact that he is a boy. In the baby boy’s defense, I had been calling him, a her. I think he just wanted to make sure that I stopped… Point taken!

There will be a lot of changes in the next 5 months. As a mom, I should have a handle on all the upcoming changes for the household, school, and new baby. As a pregnant mom of advanced maternal age (I might scream the next time that I hear that phrase), I will have notes on all the upcoming changes for the household, school, and new baby. Pregnancy brain snuck in super early with this one! The biggest concern is all the changes for my boy. He will be dealing with all kinds of new things over the next few months. Once all the newness wears off, he will love having more room, meeting new friends, starting a new school, riding the school bus, less time in the car (yeah!), projects that he can work on with his daddy, and helping with new baby.

We will have a new phone number and address after the first week of May. You can contact Scott or myself for our updated information. I hope to send out an email to family and friends with the info, but I am not promising a time line on that!

Have a great summer!

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