November 27th, 2010

Me – Gavin, can you bring me my purse?
Gavin – Ok
Me – Be sure to grab the top and don’t dump it.
Gavin – Ok
Gavin – Hey mom, Wat up? (Yes, not what, but wat)
Me – What?
Gavin – What is this? (As he is holding the Hot Wheels Wii game that I had bought)
Me – Why were you in my purse?
Gavin – I wasn’t. It just fell out.
Me – Oh, really.
Gavin – Your wallet fell out and your paycheck, and my game. (My paycheck was NOT in there)
Me – Your game?!?! That is one of your birthday presents. It is not yours until after your birthday. You have to act surprised when you open it.
Gavin – (Starts practicing surprise faces)

Then he put everything back in my purse and brought it to me. He is a funny kid!

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